Saul Perez

“Deciphering Mexico’s political dynamics can be tricky. I like to think of Horizon Engage as a translator of this complexity into more straightforward terms for foreign investors. I am excited to put my experience in political risk to use by helping Horizon Engage clients cut through the noise and providing them with the necessary nuances to create feasible routes toward their goals.”

SAUL’S story

Saul Perez joined the Horizon Engage team in 2022 as senior analyst for Mexico. His prior experience included working for local consulting firms, advising some of the biggest companies in the power sector. He has specialized in energy transition and alternative energy sources, and more recently worked as an analyst for regulatory and policy affairs with one of Mexico’s biggest clean energy generators.

Saul has a B.A. degree in International Relations from el Colegio de México (COLMEX), a top research center in Latin America.