Rachel Ziemba

“I’m delighted to help Horizon Engage’s clients navigate the complex world of economic sanctions, investment and export restrictions, measures that are now the tool of choice for many governments. I enjoy helping clients assess scenarios based on developing understanding of coercive economic tools, industrial policy and changing regulatory environments both in major economies like Russia, China and Iran, and smaller markets like Belarus, Myanmar and beyond.”

Rachel Ziemba Headshot

RACHEL’S story

Rachel is Horizon Engage’s Senior Advisor specializing in the economic impact of sanctions and other coercive policies. For almost two decades, she has advised government, investors and corporate clients on the country risk of emerging and frontier markets, especially energy-rich countries and China.

Since 2017, Rachel has been affiliated with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) where she focuses on the economic and political impacts of coercive economic policies such as financial sanctions, export controls, trade and investment restrictions as well as the role of state-owned investors in the global and regional economies. In that capacity, Rachel has briefed Congress and government bodies in the US, Canada and EU on impacts of economic sanctions on Iran, Venezuela, Russia, sovereign funds and Chinese economic coercion.

Rachel previously served as head of emerging and frontier markets and co-head of research at Roubini Global Economics, a macro strategy and country risk firm. Before that, Rachel worked for the Canadian International Development Agency in Cairo, Egypt, and the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago with honors and a Master of Philosophy degree in international relations with a specialization in international political economy from St. Antony’s College, Oxford University.