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When a multinational energy company needed to make inroads in a new, emerging market, they called on us to assess the risks and help them understand the investment landscape.

case study #1 – oil and gas

New country entry


  • A multinational energy company was considering a project in a country where they did not have existing interests. They needed to assess the “above ground risk” they would encounter and educate their internal stakeholders about their strategies to manage these risks.


  • Horizon Engage assessed the political environment for foreign investors in the country, looking at contract sanctity, corruption risk, regulatory stability and access to decision-makers.


  • Horizon Engage helped the client better understand perceptions toward foreign investors, the risks posed by stakeholders, and how environmental issues were shaping policy. The independent assessment we provided helped the client’s team establish credibility both the project and the underlying investment rationale. 

case study #2 – manufacturing

Impact of political succession


  • With a significant election period underway, a multinational manufacturing company needed to assess how the political, regulatory and security environment would look under each of the the leading presidential candidates.


  • Horizon Engage’s political scenario analysis provided the client with a framework to assess the rhetoric from each candidate towards their industry vs the reality of the decisions and actions they have taken over their careers. Horizon also identified the key influencers in each candidate’s orbit, their affiliations, and positions on foreign direct investment.


  • Our client was able to confidently report their strategy and the risk to the board of directors. The insights they got from our work helped them reach out to the candidates’ teams ahead of the election and start building relationships.

When an election threatened to undermine a company’s investment interests, we had the actionable business intelligence they needed to form relationships with each of the candidates ahead of the outcome.

When a hedge fund needed dedicated in-country analysis on complex and emerging markets, Horizon Engage provided intelligence allowing them to confidently seek out new investment opportunities.

case study #3 – Hedge fund

Emerging market investor


  • A hedge fund with a global mandate needed a source of unbiased intelligence and research on emerging market countries, to assess potential equity and debt market investments. They were frustrated with their existing market research providers, who didn’t cover the countries they needed or in-country analysts.


  • Horizon Engage provided the client with access to regularly published research and intelligence on over 30 countries along with access to a network of in-country senior advisors.


  • Horizon Engage’s differentiated research and approach enabled the client to expand the number of countries they could monitor, speed their understanding of opaque and complex markets, and invest.


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