Mark Boulware

“During my service as US Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, I developed an affection for the country and its people as well as an understanding of how things are done in a culture whose workings some investors find difficult to grasp. I enjoy supporting Horizon Engage in helping to demystify the business landscape for those investors, unlocking potential benefits for both sides.”

Mark Boulware Headshot

mark’s story

After a successful career in government service, both military and diplomatic, Mark Boulware joined Horizon Engage in 2017. His overseas postings included service in Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa. He served as US Ambassador to Mauritania from 2007-2010 and as US Ambassador to Chad from 2010-2013.

Earlier postings include serving as Deputy Chief of Mission in Cameroon and in El Salvador, Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Diplomat in Residence at Florida International University and Faculty Advisor at the National War College.

Mark is fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese.