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Lula’s Plan(s) to Make Brazil Go Green

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Last September, Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and his administration showcased a number of climate-friendly policies and initiatives to international audiences. Lula has continued to introduce and amend efforts to make Brazil’s economy greener, allocating billions of dollars to expanding biofuels output and building biorefineries to produce sustainable fuel.

Meet Claudia Sheinbaum’s Gatekeeper

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If you want a meeting with Mexican presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum, you need to reach out to Luisa Abreu. A journalist by training, she has worked with Sheinbaum since 2015, when Abreu became the chief of staff of the then-mayor of Tlalpan.

Webinar: Argentina Election Outlook

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Horizon Engage hosted an exclusive event with our Argentina expert based in Buenos Aires, Marcelo Garcia, a month before an election that could open a radical new era for the country. The discussion examined possible scenarios, opportunities and risks ahead for investors as the country enters unchartered territory.

Milei’s Energy Sector Vision for Argentina May Meet Resistance

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After his victory in the 13 August primaries, libertarian economist Javier Milei is now the obvious frontrunner in Argentina’s presidential race. As his chances of winning the presidency grow, Milei has begun assembling more detailed plans for his potential time in office — including significant goals for the energy sector that may have a hard time getting through Congress. 

Africa Coup Contagion — Who’s Next?

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Military coups have toppled governments in Niger and Gabon, two resource-rich countries in sub-Saharan Africa, in less than a month. The two putsches come on the heels of a wave of military takeovers in West and Central Africa that might spread to other nations in the two regions as well as other parts of the continent.

Will Mexico Embrace Clean Hydrogen?

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Recently, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) announced plans to construct a green hydrogen (H2) plant in Oaxaca state, marking a favorable step in the country’s renewable energy landscape.

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