Dennis Hays

“During my seven and a half years in Guyana and Suriname, I came to recognize the tremendous potential of both countries. With the recent discoveries of massive offshore oil and gas reserves, I am able to work with Horizon Engage’s clients to help them understand the political, economic, cultural and societal forces in play as energy investors propose, implement and expand their exploration and production efforts. The governments of both countries have set ambitious goals for national development and realize having mutually beneficial relationships with energy investors will lead to success. This is where Horizon Engage plays the crucial and vital role.”

Dennis Hays Headshot

DENNIS’S story

Dennis Hays advises Horizon Engage clients on Latin America and the Caribbean. His areas of expertise include the political and commercial outlook in Guyana and Suriname and the role of foreign investors in the development of the energy and natural resources sector in those countries.

Dennis joined Horizon Engage after a distinguished career in the US State Department, during which time he served as Ambassador to Suriname and acting Ambassador to Guyana, as well as Director for the Office of Mexican Affairs.