Bruce Williamson

“Having spent seven years working on Andean issues during my State Department career and another six devoted to Central America, it is my firm conviction that political and economic forces will drive not only the future of Latin America but, in particular, those two sub-regions. The traditional staples of petroleum, commodities, minerals and agriculture, bolstered by targeted finance and increased trade of manufactured goods, open up opportunities for investors. Horizon Engage can guide investors as they navigate the complex political, economic and regulatory landscape in countries like Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala and El Salvador.”

Bruce Williamson

Bruce’s story

Bruce Williamson is a Latin American researcher for Horizon Engage, specializing in the Andes and Central America. During his thirty-five-year State Department career, he served in front-office leadership positions at US embassies and consulates throughout Latin America, including Peru, Guatemala and Mexico, culminating in his tenure as Chief of Mission in Bolivia.

Part and parcel of his experience in the region has been his engagement with international investors doing business overseas. His prior training in law (J.D. from Harvard Law School) and economics (B.A. from Yale in Economics) has helped to refine his insights.

Bruce is a 2022 recipient of a Presidential Meritorious Service award.