Horizon Engage at the Africa Energies Summit

This week, we’re thrilled to be sponsoring the Africa Energies Summit in London.

From well-established jurisdictions like Nigeria, Libya and Angola to newer names like Namibia and Senegal, Horizon Engage works with clients to give essential stakeholder intelligence in the African energy sector. Our analysts know who matters and why, and how those people and their decisions can affect the investment climate. 

We offer our clients important insight into their relationships with governments in a busy election year on a continent where the geopolitical picture is shifting very rapidly, where the regulatory and security outlooks are complex, but where the opportunity is clear.

“We have seen a significant and steady increase in interest in African oil and gas over the last few years, and the continent remains a significant opportunity for both energy investors of all sizes. When you layer on opportunities in new energy, and the interest from African governments to find the right partners to accelerate growth, it is easy to understand the excitement. We are thrilled to partner with the Africa Energies Summit and help facilitate dialogue and engagement between the next generation of global energy producers and the companies that can help them achieve success.”

“I am looking forward to hearing more from smaller independents and African producers who are increasingly looking to participate in burgeoning market opportunities, including in renewables. We are expanding our renewables services fast, and welcome discussions on new energies.”

“I am keen to hear more about Namibia in this crucial election year. It’s a very promising jurisdiction for our clients. I am looking forward to speaking on a panel about attracting foreign investment, a complex topic in a highly competitive market. And, as Horizon’s lead on Nigeria research, I’ll also be watching for signals around the Nigerian bid round roadshow at this event, with several senior officials in attendance.”

We look forward to supporting this timely event, and engaging with clients and friends of Horizon Engage in London – it is an exciting time for the continent, as well as for Horizon Engage. 

If you are attending the summit and would like to arrange a meeting at the event to learn more about how Horizon Engage can support your efforts in Africa, get in touch with a member of the team. 

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