Navigating the Black Box: Keys to Successful Investing in Algeria

22 February 2024 | 10:00-11:00 AM EST | Online Webinar

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To many outside investors, Algeria resembles a black box. Changes in leadership, policy and regulation can seem to occur without warning. Projects can languish in limbo for years or be fast-tracked in just days. This opaque environment frequently poses challenges for veteran investors and first-timers alike.

But with the right approach, connections and offerings, investors can dramatically increase their chances of success.

In this webinar, our North Africa experts Mike Knights and Andrew Farrand will explore recent cases to highlight lessons learned that can benefit any venture in Algeria.

Key Topics:

  • How does Algeria’s business environment stack up compared to others in the region?
  • What signposts should investors watch for to spot changes on the horizon?
  • Whose support should investors seek to ensure approvals and prevent delays?
  • What can be learned from success stories and cautionary tales of other foreign investors?
  • What particular challenges and opportunities does this year’s presidential election present?

Meet the Speakers:

Michael Knights

Michael Knights, Head of Research for MENA
Michael leads our research on the Middle East and North African energy and security, specializing in the Iraqi political and security risk analysis since the mid-1990s. Read Michael’s Bio.

Andrew Farrand

Andrew Farrand, Senior Advisor
Andrew is a researcher exploring the interplay between energy, economics and politics in North Africa, with a focus on Algeria, where he lived and worked from 2013 to 2020. Read Andrew’s Bio.

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