Galvez: A Revolution in Mexico's Energy Policy?
Galvez would adopt a decisive shift toward a green energy transition.

Opposition presidential candidate Sen. Xochitl Galvez wants a radical transformation of Mexico’s energy sector. 

While she doesn’t have the academic street credit of her rival, Claudia Sheinbaum, Galvez knows the energy landscape quite well. A pragmatist committed to environmental causes, she would adopt a decisive shift toward a green energy transition coupled with a profound reform of Pemex, the state-owned oil giant (and also the world’s most indebted oil company). 

Galvez, a self-made businesswoman, champions private investment as the driving force behind the growth of Mexico’s energy sector, particularly in solar and wind. Her vision extends to the establishment of a flourishing hydrogen industry. 

In her signature bold manner, Galvez proclaims that “renewables are the exit ramp off the highway to climate hell.” 

This week, our analysts examine the impact her policies would have. If Galvez did win the presidency, why do we believe her administration would be good news for foreign investors and the wider business environment?

Find out more about … 

  • Galvez’s vision to transform Pemex into Emex.
  • Her proposal to explore fracking as a low-cost alternative to US gas imports as a bridge in the energy transition
  • Why she feels the inflow of investment is at risk if electrical energy sources do not become greener

Bonus: An introduction to Carlos Urzua, a former finance minister in the AMLO administration who has the Galvez campaign, available to our series registrants.

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