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Jorge Castaneda’s profile on our proprietary Engage Interactive platform.

One of the first public figures to propose Mexican Sen. Xochitl Galvez as opposition presidential candidate was Jorge Castaneda.

A renowned intellectual, political scientist, and writer, Castaneda plays a behind-the-scenes role as a Galvez advisor. He is also a fierce critic of President AMLO, whose policies he calls out in a weekly column for Nexos magazine and regular TV appearances.

Castaneda is a veteran presidential whisperer, having previously advised Cuauhtemoc Cardenas and Vicente Fox. He had a brief stint as foreign minister in the Fox administration.

Which personality trait made it hard for Castaneda to be a good diplomat?
What in his background does he cite as having a profound influence on his political career?

Find out …

  • In which areas is Castaneda most influential?
  • How is his political lineage a profound influence on his political and intellectual pursuits?
  • What would Castaneda like to discuss with foreign investors?

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