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New York, NY – January 3, 2023 –  With global market volatility remaining high and key emerging market states undergoing rapid changes, the geopolitical environment is becoming more complex and the need to know and understand stakeholders is more critical than ever.

Today, Horizon Engage launched its new brand to emphasize the company’s mission of helping investors navigate political, commercial and security risks around the world. Formerly Horizon Client Access, Horizon Engage merges technology and political analysis in a whole new way to block out mainstream media noise and offer actionable insights into how emerging market environments work.

Founded in 2003 by Joe Goldberg and Alexander Zaslavsky, Horizon Engage has established itself as the premier provider of political and commercial risk and stakeholder intelligence for global companies.  Horizon Engage separates itself through its deep bench of expertise including former ambassadors and international experts who have decades of experience in their respective countries. The company’s straightforward analysis focuses on actionable insights for multinationals operating in opaque markets.

“We started this company because we saw demand for in-depth country expertise tailored to specific industries such as energy and natural resources,” said Alexander Zaslavsky, co-founder and Head of Research. “We’re excited to continue this work in our next phase.”

Joe Goldberg, co-founder and CEO, added, “For two decades, our clients have trusted us for critical, timely intelligence. We’re proud of the work we do and look forward to the future.”

Horizon Engage offers a global platform to companies working to navigate emerging markets in a variety of industries. To learn more, visit www.horizonengage.com.  

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